Välkomna till Hildasholmsmusiken 2023

10 – 17 September 2023

Dear Friends – past, present and future – Welcome!

Our third anniversary brings us together again with a new Folk Music day, and a firework display of passionate music-making from the great classics to the contemporary.

Our soloists are chosen on principle from the best of Scandinavia, with a spot of Italian magic added! Our soloists, young and old, our students from Falun Conservatoire, Leksand Musikskolan, and younger ones from our local schools come together to listen, play, sing, explore music, and to be surprised..! We welcome music lovers everywhere, and all you parents too, of course, who are vital in supporting your children in the arts.

It has become a truism, but still worth mentioning, that, for our children, music appreciation and participation improve attention, develop concentration, harness energy, creating social awareness and interaction… and that is for ALL children – musical or not!

Finally, our festival is not for the tourists who, it’s true perhaps, might bring more money in to the community, but for you who live, work and play here in Dalarna, because the point of it is to nourish this culture of music – all music – for which you are already famous!

Godbless, and see you soon!


Adam Munthe
Founder Hildasholmsmusiken

I am delighted to be able to welcome you back to HildasholmMusiken 2023!

This year we are expanding the program with three new elements –
Our festival musician Mina Fred will do work with the children in schools prior to the festival, Hildasholm will be ringing with folkmusic a whole day in the middle of the week, and pianist Daniele Rinaldo and violinist Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider will play a recital in Hugo Alfvén´s atmospheric livingroom at Alfvén Gården.
The concert programs show the range and contrast in the repertoire, highlighting old and tested masterpieces with short humorous/mysterious/serious modern pieces.
We to look forward to seeing you and celebrate the music and the vibrant acoustics of the wooden churches round Siljan.
Warm wishes,
Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider
Artistic Director Hildasholmsmusiken